Offering one stop for all your real estate legal needs.

Real estate can be complex. Often times our cleints find themselves in disputes involving real estate - whether it's a deed history that prevents sale of the property, boundary disputes, an out of control homeowner's associations, jointly owning property that's no longer feasible, problems with a Big Bank, or a tenant who won't leave - we are here to help!

Real Estate Law: Broad Experience and a Precise Approach

Texas real estate law is complex. Not only do statutes govern real estate, but there is a whole body of case law that can affect how your case turns out. In Texas, real estate matters are handled in all types of courts. From evictions in JP courts, to eviction appeals in county courts, to title disputes and wrongful foreclosure actions in in district courts, to property incident to an estate handled in probate courts, to cases removed by banks to federal courts, to homeowners seeking delays in bankrupcy courts, to appeals before the courts of appeals and even the Texas Supreme Court - we can handle it all!

General tips in real estate:

- Almost all agreements related to real estate need to be reduced to writing. It's best to have a single document which contains all the parties' agreement. But sometimes, a series of writings (text messages, emails, etc.) can help support your case. Generally, though, it's best to have a lawyer create a clear and concise agreement all in one document.

- Even with family and friends, put your agreements in writing. It protects everyone by handling any transaction professionally from the beginning - and it can save a lot of money later if you don't have to clean up a mess.

- Homeowner's associations are run by local homeowners. Sometimes they hire management companies. Both can make mistakes; but often times, HOAs view themselves as untouchable and unquestionable. It's not true. Keep detailed records and seek the advice of counsel if a dispute arises.

- Big Banks are the same way. They often believe they hold all the cards. But, you have rights too, and banks make _plenty_ of mistakes. While not every disagreement is worthy of rushing to the courthouse, sometimes you have to so someone at the bank will pay attention to the problem.

- An ouce of prevention is worth a poud of cure. Printing deeds and other real estate documents offline may be cheapter up front, but if problems arise, it can be expensive to fix them. It's best to use an attorney from the get go, and avoid more costly problems down the line.

Examples of matters we handle:

- Contracts for the purchase/sale of property

- Title disputes between parties claiming ownership

- Wrongful foreclosure suits

- Challenges to HOA board actions

- Evictions and forcible detainer suits

- Suits to clear or quiet title

- Forcible partition when there are several owners

- Drafting of deeds, deeds of trusts, and related documents