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Finalize your divorce NOW!

Get Divorced Now!

More and more people are filing for divorce without an attorney (pro se), using forms avialable online. The law only requires a divorce case to be on file for 60 days before it can be finalized. In Bexar County, people representing themselves must submit their proposed divorce decree to the Staff Attorney's office for approval and a court date - which can take up to a whole year!

But, if you hire an attorney to review your documents and go with you to court (and if everything is in order and agreed) you can finalize your divorce as soon as 61 days after filing it - even if you've already submitted your documents to the Staff Attorney's office. A judge is typically avialable during every afternoon to consider your case and sign your decree. You just need an attorney to go with you!

That's where we come in. We can help you finalize your divorce in less than one week for only $350!

Check below to see if you qualify. If so, click on the link to download three short forms and get your divorce finalized!

What you need to participate:

- Your divorce case must have been filed at leat 60 days ago

- There are no children involved in the divorce

- Your spouse has been served with the divorce or signed a waiver of service

- You have an Agreed Final Decree signed by both spouses, or your spouse was served and the deadline to answer has passed

- You have $350 and want to get divorced now!

Here's what to do:

- CLICK HERE to download three short forms

- Fill out the forms and gather everything on the checklist

- Send everything to our office (by mail, fax, or email)

- We'll review it and call to set up a court date within 7 days

- Go to court and FINALIZE YOUR DIVORCE!

Just in case you missed it, CLICK HERE to download the forms to get started!

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The fine print: This is an offer to represent you on a limited basis pursuant to the terms of the agreement contained in the downloadable forms. We will only review your documents to ensure their form complies with the law, but will not review them for content. It is your responsibility to ensure the documents accurately reflect the terms you and your spouse have agreed to, or if your spouse has been served but hasn't answered, then you must ensure the terms accurately reflect the relief you want. This offer is void if your divorce becomes contested, in which case, we will need to discuss representing you on an hourly basis at our standard rate. Every case is different, and we are forbidden from guaranteeing a particular outcome in your case. However, if we cannot finalize your divorce using our normal process, we will refund your money and/or we can discuss you hiring us to represent you in your divorce until it can be finalized (whichever you choose). If you received a letter from us in the mail, we obtained your name, address, and case number by searching public records maintained by the Bexar County District Clerk.