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Now offering credit repair with NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS!

Justin started doing credit repair in 2009, and has helped hundreds of consumers reach their credit-related goals. Your credit score can affect your ability to get loans, housing, and even a job. It can also determine how much you pay in interest, insurance premiums, and whether you have to post a deposit for utilities. The lower your score, the higher your headache!

Our firm has developed a unique way to make our services accessible to anyone without our clients ever paying us anything out of pocket. Any attorney's fees are paid by debt collectors who don't follow the law! Click the link below to download three forms to get started.

Click HERE to get to get started right away with NO-OUT-OF-POCKET credir repair!

Click HERE to download the forms and submit them manually.

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Tips on dealing with debt collectors:

- You can record calls with debt collectors. If they leave a threatening or rude voicemail, save it!

- Most debt collectors are not highly educated, and many just read scripts for little pay. Don't be intimidated by them.

- You don't have to discuss anything on the phone. You an say “I’m not going to discuss this on the phone, but you can mail me some information.”

- When asked, “What do you plan to do about this debt?,” you can say, “I’m not sure what I owe, if anything. Please mail me more information.”

- Don’t react to threats. Just say, “Do what you have to do,” and hang up!

- You can negotiate! You might say, "I'm not admitting I owe anything, but to make this go away I'm willing to pay $XX." If they say, "But you owe $XX," just say, "then we don't have a deal." *click*

Examples of matters we handle:

- Erroneous information on your credit report

- Abusive debt collectors

- Banks who promise one thing and do another

- Failure to comply with loan modification

- Failure to correct account errors

- Wrongful reports to credit bureaus

- Landlord / Tenant disputes

- Suits to prevent wrongful foreclosures

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