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Justin's Story

Justin Nichols's parents met while in school at A&M and were married in 1982. They had four children, and in order to care for them, Justin's mother gave up a career in public accounting. In 2003, after 21 years of marriage, Justin's father, Tim Nichols, moved to San Antonio to accept a job at USAA. Tim began having an adulterous affair with a co-worker, Kathy Gregory, while his wife and children were still in Dallas, then moved the family to San Antonio in 2004. In 2006 Tim left his family to pursue his extra marital relationship.

Justin's parent's were divorced in 2008, and in 2010, Justin's mother, Deena, passed away suddenly from a brain tumor - and the next day Tim stopped paying child support. At the time of Deena's death the children resided with their mother and grandmother. A lawsuit ensued in an attempt to gain joint custody between Tim and the children's grandmother. However, less than two weeks after the grandmother sought to resume child support for the children, Tim sought to permanently terminate his own parent-child relationship with his two daughters. If the parent-child relationship is terminated, so is the obligation to pay child support.

Justin fought aggressively against Tim's attempts to avoid his parental duties. After a settlement was reached in which Tim paid a discounted amount of child support in exchange for termination (click here to read the final order), Tim then tried (unsuccessfully) to have the court's file sealed so no one could see what he did.

During this process, Justin realized how important it is for people to have a competent, understanding, and tenacious lawyer who will stand up for what is right and fight for you. Justin knows the fears, concerns, and worries which accompany family law cases, and will be an aggressive advocate for you and those most important to you.