Your CAN Fight Back

You CAN fight abusive debt collectors, lying banks, and deceptive businesses!

From erroneous information on your credit reports, to abusive debt collectors, to the circus that is big banks, we’re here to help!

In 2005 Justin Nichols founded Schliker Nichols & Ritzwoller, and started doing credit repair. What he learned was astonishing. Consumers were being harassed, bullied, and threatened, and it was almost impossible to get problems resolved. Banks, after taking billions in tax payer dollars to bail them out, lied to homeowners over and over again about mortgage modifications and work-out programs.

Doing credit repair wasn't enough. Customers need an experienced consumer lawyer on their side to get results! Whether its a small contractual dispute, if you're being sued by a debt collector or credit card company, have been abused or lied to by creditors, or have a another issue as a consumer, call us at (210) 354-2300 to discuss your case!

When you hire us for credit-related issues, you'll receive access to our online case tracking system, so you can receive prompt, real time updates on the progress of your case.

Tips on Dealing with Debt Collectors:

- Record conversations (you can buy an inexpensive recorded on Amazon). If they leave a threatening or rude voicemail, save it!

- Remember, most telephone debt collectors are low-educated, script readers, who work for little pay and often times on commission. Don't be intimidated by them. Treat them as you would as subordinant, kindly, but demand their respect, and if they don't give it, dismiss them and hang up.

- Don’t think you have to cooperate on the phone. Say things like, “I’m not going to discuss this on the phone, but you can write me and tell me more about what you want.”

- When asked by a debt collector, “What do you plan to do about this debt?,” you can say, “I’m not sure what I owe, if anything. Please mail me more information.”

- Don’t react to threats of arrest or other aggressive action. Just say, “Do what you have to do,” and hang up! Don't give them satisfaction of a response to their bad behavior.

- Don't be afraid to negotiate. You can easy say, "I'm not admitting I owe anything, but to make this go away I'm willing to pay $XX, take it or leave it." Don't be intimidated. If they say, "But you owe $XX," just say, "then we don't have a deal." *click* YOU are in charge, NOT them.

Examples of matters we can handle:

- Abusive debt collectors

- Banks who don’t honor promises

- Banks who assess excessive fees

- Failure to comply with loan modification

- Failure to correct account errors

- Wrongful foreclosures

- Wrongful reports to credit bureaus

- Landlord / Tenant disputes

- Suits to prevent wrongful foreclosures

- And much more!!

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